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CRM Features

Flow CRM will automate your redundant processes and handle repetitive tasks

CRM dashboard

Delightfully simple. Outstandingly powerful.

A better and smarter solution to run your business more efficiently.

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Sales acceleration

The support your sales team needs.

Completely visualize the movement of prospects along the sales funnel. From initial qualification through final negotiations – track, segment and communicate with leads to convert them from a prospect to a paying customer with advanced lead nurturing features.

Help your salespeople make informed decisions and know what to do at every moment.

Marketing automation

More customers with less work.

When done right, marketing automation can generate significant new revenue for companies, and provide an excellent ROI. The advanced set of features FlowCRM has can help your team build more personalized campaigns and better customer targeting.

Build automated marketing campaigns in minutes.

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Customer support

Everything you need, all in one place.

Create your own dashboards, fields and modules to maximize the efficiency of your day-to-day customer support activities. This way, you manage your team and grow your business without the cost and complexity.

Access everything you need to get to know your customers and build stronger customer relationships over time.

Collaboration on-the-go

Run your business on-the-go and manage your leads and clients from any point around the globe – our web-based solution is accessible from anywhere at any time.

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file managment folders

File management

Upload the files directly to your contacts to access NDAs, contracts and clients’ info when you need them. Have quotes and proposals in one place so you have them handy when you follow up on a potential sale.

Data sharing

With FlowCRM import wizard you can import contacts from spreadsheets or use our API to import them directly from other web applications. Forget about manual input – put FlowCRM’s forms on your website and your leads will show up automatically.

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Discover all that FlowCRM can do for your business.

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