About Us

Our mission is to help businesses thrive in the area of sales acceleration, marketing automation and customer support.

The road we’ve taken

FlowCRM is a privately held company, headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA. Our mission is to help busy and forward-thinking entrepreneurs create more opportunities and close more deals.

Flow CRM was born from years of frustration with complicated, difficult to use and expensive CRM solutions that required lots of training and time wasted. From the very start, we have believed in delivering a different kind of solution - the one that will have all the features needed but still be easy to use.

We at FlowCRM have the ground priorities set for our business and day-to-day activities of our team.




Value creation


Making a difference

The Team

We’re a dynamic team of experienced and talented software developers and support staff, focused on solving critical business challenges.

Join Us

Our people drive our success and we look after them - from learning opportunities to cutting-edge technology stack and tools. We are now on the lookout for the smart and ambitious talent passionate about everything tech-related.

  • Product Manager
  • Senior Web Developer
  • Head of Marketing

If you’re confident that you’d make a great addition to our team, send us your resume. We’ll keep you in mind for future opportunities.

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